I love almost all types of music (sorry Heavy Metal, you don’t make the cut). Depending on my mood, I may opt to hear soulful lyrics from Ryan Adams or the cool synth beats of Grimes. However, what I really like to listen to isn’t anything a hipster would approve. My secretly enjoyed tunes include Billboard Top 100s and the likes of Britney Spears (gasp!). If you need a pick me up, I highly recommend creating a “Guilty Pleasures” playlist. Here is my version on Spotify.

1. You Make My Dreams Come True / Daryl Hall and John Oates

Who doesn’t love Hall and Oates?! I remember loving their songs on the radio as a kid. Didn’t it make you just smile when you heard it on 500 Days of Summer?

2. …Baby One More Time / Britney Spears

Oh Britney…with this song you were on top of the world. This songs reminds me of college and back when MTV still had music videos.

3. The Sign / Ace of Base

This group was awesome. I sang this song in a karaoke bar in Monaco about 10 years ago. My rendition earned me a plate of oranges (you heard me correctly) and it’s been my go-to song ever since.

4. What a Girl Wants / Christina Aguilera

Before she became X-Tina, she was a sweet girl who simply outlined what every girl needs from her guy. Preach!

5. I’m Yours / Jason Mraz

He is huge in Asia. I will give it to Jason Mraz for crooning this sweet song that I secretly love. I discovered a blog (which led me to my amazing wedding photographer) where this song played as a background to a series of wedding photos. I didn’t know the couple but I was in tears by the end of the slideshow!

6. Take A Chance On Me / ABBA

What guilty pleasure playlist would be complete without ABBA? I think my particularly liking for this song is my “ability” to sing harmony to the chorus.

6 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Playlist

  1. The hubby is totally into all kinds of music too…and he’s always introducing me to who knows what :P. but I agree that sometimes it’s good to go back to the the oldies…no shame in loving The Sign…I do too!! And we played I’m Yours during some part of our wedding too :). I’m a sucker for a great voice and a guitar 🙂

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