Once upon a time, I used to never paint my nails. I am a huge advocate of pedicures but my fingernails grew like weeds and it seemed too difficult to maintain perfectly polished digits on a weekly basis.  Fortunately, I ditched this philosophy once nail polishes started to show a wider variety.  With all the colors of the rainbow at my fingertips (pardon the pun), I found myself actually wanting to change my polish every week.  Like a pair of earrings or a scarf, nail polish is one of the best accessories a girl can have, changing the shade to express a mood or occasion.  Here is a range of colors to inspire your next mani.   What’s your go-to color?


[Sephora OPI Dark Room / Deborah Lippmann Hannah / Sephora OPI Read My Palm / Essie Maxmillian Strausse Her]

Emerald green has been proclaimed the color of the year for 2013, but these other shades of green are just as glorious.  I love dark greens for Fall and Winter and pastels for warmer weather.  My choice for the upcoming change in season is Deborah Lippmann’s Hannah.


[Deborah Lippmann Shoshanna / Sephora OPI What A Broad / Essie Recessionista / Sephora OPI Metro Chic / Essie Don’t Sweater It]

Purple is probably my favorite color.  In any variation, it’s regal and rich looking.  The versions with a little more brown in it, like Sephora by OPI’s Metro Chic, is versatile enough for the office and after-hours.


[Deborah Lippmann Marnie / Sephora OPI Dear Diary / Essie Limo-Scene / Essie Exotic Liras]

Who doesn’t love pink?  The lighter shades are neutral enough to look polished year-round.  After years of playing it safe, I started to explore the brighter pinks.  Shades like Essie’s Exotic Liras create visions of Hawaii and palm trees in my head.


[Deborah Lippmann Jessa / Essie Clambake / Revlon Mad About Mango]

Last but certainly not least, reds and corals are classics that everyone loves.  I feel more grown-up when wearing red.  Its cousin,Tangerine Tango was 2012’s color of the year and to me this color expresses joy.  To get some of that happiness vibe, try Essie’s Clambake, a color that is getting more than its fair share in my rotation right now.

8 thoughts on “Rainbow Brights

  1. I love your collage of nail pics! It’s so true-the color of your nails really is an accessory…I’ve been wearing nude for weeks but you’ve inspired me to go for a color 🙂

    1. No I haven’t, I need to give it a try! I used to be loyal to Essie and Essie only, but I have been exploring Deborah Lippmann lately. I will need to add Zoya to the list.

  2. I never used to wear nail polish either. After 12 years of playing piano, I was never allowed to wear polish or even have long nails. Now, I can’t have bare nails…I love finding the craziest ideas and challenging my manicurist to recreate the look 😛

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