[Image via Vanessa Jackman]

When I first saw this picture of Christine Centenera in these shoes, I about died. It’s minimal and three-dimensional with lovely suede embellishments. After some Internet sleuthing, I figured out these are a gorgeous pair of Alaïa heels…a gorgeous and expensive pair of Alaïa heels…a gorgeous, expensive, and sold-out pair of Alaïa heels. Hence, another reason to DIY.



The materials needed are minimal. A strong adhesive, craft pom poms, and a pair of t-strap heels. Given that I am about to glue pom poms on a perfectly good pair of shoes, it’s best to experiment with an inexpensive pair. I couldn’t find the exact same style, the pair I found had an extra strap. I felt that pom poms covering all the straps would get too “arts and crafts”. I played with a few variations and decided to only decorate down the middle.



Use a toothpick to apply the glue. Put a small dab on the shoe and on a pom pom and attach starting with the ends and midpoints for even distribution. Wait 10-20 minutes and touch up the ends with additional glue and let it set overnight.


Here is the finished product. It’s a fun, trendy shoe that cost less than $30 to make! Be on the lookout for this Friday’s post where I wear these bad boys out for the first time.

9 thoughts on “Easy DIY: Pom Pom Heels

    1. Lol! It’s definitely eazy peazy unless you accidentally glue your fingers together (which as a child I did when challenging whether super glue was indeed “super”)!

    1. You are sweet, thanks for the kind feedback. It’s definitely fun and easy, maybe fun to do with your daughter?…just don’t let her glue her fingers together like I did when I was young playing with super strength adhesives!

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