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Halloween is upon us.  I always love the idea of dressing in costume and have thrown Halloween parties in the past to ensure a costume would be involved.  I have seen Where’s Waldo?, a guy dressed up as an iPod (Generation 1, “playing” Jay-Z’s Big Pimpin’), a woman who fashioned a table around her waist (a one night stand…get it?), and the return of Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Gang.   These are all very clever ideas, but lately I find it daunting to come up with something new and creative.  If you love Halloween like I do but want to play it low key, here are some more subtle ways to celebrate.


[Zoe Karssen Bat Sweatshirt $126 / Forever 21 Bat Baseball Cap $11]

Channel Batman Into Your Wardrobe.  Finding a sweatshirt that has a subtle Halloween theme, like a bat sweatshirt, shows that your in the spirit but has longevity beyond October.  Forever 21 also has some great bat-themed pieces that are fun and appropriate for the season.


[Rita Hazan Temporary Hair Color, $18]

Show You Care With Your Hair.  I wish I could rock an all over bold red or hot pink hair color all day everyday, but somehow that doesn’t seem prudent.  So live out the dream with hair color spray on Halloween.  You can choose to go all-over or just apply on the ends for an hombre look.


[Bleeding Skull Candle from Target]

Use Your Cranium.  I like using skulls as a home decor piece.  A wax candle in all black can be eerie and chic or you can liven it up with gold spray paint.  Obviously, if you paint a candle, don’t light it aftwards!

6 thoughts on “Halloween For The Low-Key Individual

  1. All these halloween posts are making me sad since I will be in Cabo for my sisters wedding and unable to celebrate. These are such great picks though and the “ghost dog” is too cute!

    xx Cara

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