[Vintage Bag and Set of Deborah Lippmann Nail Polishes]

While giving my bedroom an overhaul in cleaning and organization, I found things that I hadn’t used in awhile and finding them mixing well with newly acquired items. This was a fortuitous event giving me a different perspective and inspiration to create new from old. I thought I would share my discoveries with you and to give you a little motivation to see everyday things in a new light.


[Apothecary Jar of bracelets including a new one from Banana Republic]


[J. Crew Everly Pumps paired with a Vintage Clutch]

4 thoughts on “Pretty Things

  1. I love finding old treasures that I’ve forgotten about and reworking them 🙂 But I guess it also just confirms that I have too much stuff and clutter 😛 Seriously…those heels!! There are no words…

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