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If I hear Monster Mash, Ghostbusters, or Thriller played on Halloween one more time, I think I will scream…which would be fitting for the occasion.  Don’t get me wrong, Thriller is an excellent song, I just think we all can get a little more creative with our Halloween music.  With that sentiment, I have pulled together some unexpected songs that one can play to get the eerie vibe without getting too literal.

1. Nightcall / Kavinsky

This song played in the opening credits to the movie, Drive, which starred oh-so-dreamy Ryan Gosling.  Hey Girl, why do you look so scared?  Why don’t you cuddle up next to me…I’ll keep you safe.

2. Obedear / Purity Ring

It took me a while to get into Purity Ring because her music conveys such a dark feeling.  Even her lyrics are spooky…”Obedear the sky is low, gather up its harms and gods with grateful arms…”  CHILLS.

3. Odessa / Caribou

I love this song, especially its cacophonous intro that sounds like ghosts (or roosters from afar…you decide).  It’s more upbeat than the other in this playlist, but hey, you need something to break the tension.

4. Mirrorage / Glasser

Similar to Purity Ring, Glasser layers a melodic voice over a dark and moody sound.  It’s haunting and empowering.

5. White Cyclosa / Boards of Canada

This song has no words and the tune is reminiscent of a 1980s B-rated horror movie…right before that poor girl opens the door to that room where she has no business inspecting…don’t go in there!!!

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