I’ll be the first to admit that all the social media tools out there are a little confusing…what do you use for what and how do you know if you are sharing too much?  In a time where we are online all the time, striking the right balance is a personal choice. For me, I love using Instagram to capture fleeting moments – a scenic drive, an awesome band, and the occasional cute puppy or selfie (though I aim for more pictures of puppies and limiting the number of selfies!).  I see it as a way to share a little bit about me through a filtered lens (pardon the double entendre there).

  1. The perk of living in DC is having picturesque shots like this one of the Capitol
  2. A sea of lollipops at It’s Sugar
  3. Elizabeth and James shoe finds from TJ Maxx
  4. Selfie while waiting for coffee
  5. An aspirational to-do list on Russell and Hazel stationery
  6. J. Crew and Club Monaco staples that came with me on a work trip
  7. ‘Tis the season for a hot air balloon ride
  8. Watching LA-based Beat Club perform on Halloween
  9. A PS I Made This x West Elm DIY project

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8 thoughts on “The Filtered Life

    1. You are sweet, thank you…the beanie is a new thing for me (it’s amazing how warm you feel with a hat on!). As for TJ Maxx, they got it going on with the shoe selection! 🙂

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