Dinnerware and tabletop pieces have such a variety in both design and prices that it’s almost too pretty to use for food. I catch myself buying plates, flatware, and bottles with beautiful patterns or color and then go out of my way to find a reason not to use them! Additionally, storing these beauties away in a cupboard or a sideboard brings a tear to my eye (sniff, sniff). If you have a great collection of china or stumbled upon a cute quirky plate, consider using them as home decor. It can be an inexpensive and unique way to brighten up your abode.


I didn’t think I was the type of person that would want/need formal china, but when I saw this pinstripe pattern by Jasper Conran for Wedgewood, my heart skipped a beat. Formal china is normally only used on holidays and formal get-togethers so when they are not in use, create an objet d’art by stacking and displaying them on a bookshelf. You want some height, but don’t stack too many otherwise it becomes unstable. Also, be sure to place them in a space away from little ones and pets.


I love the bold look of this Kate Spade Saturday pitcher. It’s great to use when we have dinner with friends; however, when it’s just my husband and me, we drink water straight from our refrigerator’s water dispenser. So if you are between dinner parties, use this sleek pitcher as a flower vase.


When I moved into my new house, I needed a way to fill my blank walls in a cost conscious way and so…voila! I got the idea to frame pretty dessert plates as artwork after watching hours upon hours of HGTV. West Elm and Thomas Paul has cute designs, I’m particularly wild about these dapper animal plates. You can permanently or temporarily mount your favorites in shadow boxes or keep them stand-alone.

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