[1. Giclee Art Print / 2. Delicate Hand Chain / 3. Starburst Wall Decor / 4. Vintage Decanter and Glasses / 5. Women’s Heisenberg T-Shirt / 6. Jeweled Cuff / 7. Inspiration Art Print / 8. Wingback Chair / 9. Vintage Three-Piece Outfit]

This month’s Etsy picks is all about femininity and vintage pieces.  I absolutely love all the paintings and art prints from Clare Elsaesser, it’s a great way to have original paintings at an affordable price.  In the world of jewelry, I found a delicate hand chain bracelet and jeweled cuff after seeing similar versions in fashion mags.  If vintage is your thing, check out Dotto’s store.  She sells great vintage clothing at a steal and donates a portion to a good cause.  For the splurge-worthy, I have been following Spruce for quite a bit and the way they refurbish furniture makes me want to own all of their pieces.  They are based in Austin but do ship.

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