After a long week at work, I spent a much needed weekend solo while my husband visited family.  I used my “me day” shopping for vintage jewelry.  I had the hankering to find some sparklies and visited Legendary Beast in DC’s U Street neighborhood.  I have been meaning to explore this place for awhile so with nowhere else to go, I went at a leisurely place exploring cabinets full of goodies.  You have to be in the right mindset to look for vintage pieces.  Like strategizing for launch of a capsule collection or heading to a sample sale, shopping vintage requires some upfront planning.  Here are some simple tips to snag that hidden treasure.



[Screw-On Earrings / Christian Dior Pierced Earrings]

Do Your Research.  Figure out where the best vintage and resale stores are in your city and don’t limit yourself to only clothing and jewelry stores.  I find that furniture and home decor stores will also have a selection of jewelry.  I use local city/neighborhood blogs and magazines to find stores near home and Lucky Magazine or Yelp if I am visiting a new city.



[Emerald and Crystal Brooches]

Allot Enough Time To Browse and Inspect.  Shopping is a marathon, not a sprint.  Rush it and you’ll end up buying things you don’t love.  Carefully span the store and then hone in specific areas to dig deeper.  For example, I started with earrings and then looked through brooches.  This keeps you focused and prevents “scattered-brain while shopping” disorder.  Generally speaking, these stores are small businesses and the owner or salesperson will love to tell you where they found the particular piece you are eyeing and won’t rush your decision-making process.  Pick out the things you like and then whittle down your loot to the must-have pieces.  It also doesn’t hurt to ask for a discount if you are buying multiples (this is coming from someone who doesn’t like to ask!).



[Sweater Clip paired with some newly purchased Forever 21 Rings]

Be Comfortable.  It goes without saying, don’t go shopping on an empty stomach.  Make sure you have eaten and are wearing flats.  There will be quite a lot of standing and walking and there’s nothing like a cranky, hungry stomach and achy feet to make a poor purchase decision or let that unique find slip through your fingers.


If you live in the DC area or plan to visit DC, here are some vintage and re-sale stores that has a jewelry worth checking out:

  • Legendary Beast – Vintage Jewelry
  • Treasury – Vintage clothing and curios
  • Good Wood – Vintage and resale furniture, clothing, jewelry mixed with some new items
  • Junction – Women and men vintage and resale shop

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