This Thursday marks Thanksgiving and the first night of Hannukah.  For American Jews, it’s double the celebration or Thanksgivukkah as some have started to call it.  The holiday celebrates the Jewish people’s reclaiming and re-dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem from the Greeks back in 2nd century BCE.  There are many symbols in Judaism and during Hannukah, the menorah is the most notable as it reminds us how a one-day oil supply lasted for eight days in the Temple.  Thus, the menorah used during Hannukah has nine branches, eight at equal height to represent the eight days  and the ninth serving as the “helper” candle (used to light the others) positioned slightly higher.  There are many menorahs to choose from to adorn the Jewish home, but I find most to be overly ornate.  Luckily, designers like Dwell Studio, Nambe and Jonathan Adler have filled the gap by giving the menorah a more modern and sleek look for us clean-line loving minimalists.


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