[Image from Pinterest via TheyAllHateUs]

I get a “dance-y” feeling this time of year. Instead of holiday music, I opt for synth beats. It started about four years ago when my husband and I started spending Thanksgiving-Eve with good friends visiting from the West Coast. We saw Holy Ghost! in concert one year or would jointheir family’s Thanksgiving get-together, which once ended up as “Dance Party USA” courtesy of the iPod.
Fast forward to present day and we don’t party as hard as we used to (okay…I probably never partied hard). However, I do look back fondly to those “Electric Dance Fantistico” times and created a song list to keep the funk alive!

1. Reflektor / Arcade Fire

2. Globetrotter / Beat Club

3. Hot Mess / Chromeo

4. Wait and See / Holy Ghost!

5. Safe and Sound / Capital Cities

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