‘Tis the season for gift guides galore.  Gifts can be a form of communication, a gesture to say ‘Thank You’, ‘I Love You’, or just ‘I Care’.  In that spirit, I am doing a week-long series called ‘Five Days of Gifting’ to share ideas for the various loved ones in your life.  I love gifts with themes, in a sense that it’s a set of things that can be used together and not in the “everything has cats on it” definition.  Additionally, I love to give items someone normally wouldn’t buy for themselves.

To kick it off, we celebrate the guy in your life who represents the epitome of cocktail culture.  He enjoys high quality scotch on the rocks or a well made Old Fashioned while watching his favorite (and only) mid-century drama.  His attire Don Draper inspired and is the sole reason that low-ball glasses are in high demand.  Raise your glass to the “Mad Men” Man!


[ 1. Lincoln Flask / 2. Johnny Walker Blue Label / 3. Whisky Stones / 4.  Crystal Low Ball Glasses]

To see more cocktail and barware gift ideas, check out my Gifts For Your “Mad Men” Man Pinterest board.  Salut!

2 thoughts on “Five Days of Gifting

  1. Awesome! My best friend definitely falls into this category. I’ve been thinking about buying him some whisky stones for a while now. This clinches it!

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