I have visions of high volume, flouncy midi skirts dancing through my head.
 It started in early Fall with the introduction of Tibi’s full skirt.  The skirt first came in black but now there are multiple colors and patterns.  I personally love the boysenberry pink color but $395 (for the solid colors) seems a little steep.  Fortunately, Top Shop has a limited edition midi skirt in soft pink satin that is a really close match for $140.  By varying the top, this would be a festive skirt for multiple parties and occasions.  What is your take on the midi skirt trend?

7 thoughts on “High Low Midi Skirt

  1. The midi is definitely not my usual style but I’ve been enjoying playing around with it for something different. One of these skirts will be perfect for you!

    1. It’s definitely a tricky length and size. If you are on the shorter side it could look a little matronly. I tried a different one on last weekend and my husband said it looked like I was wearing a hoop skirt! Needless to say I did not buy it 🙂 Thanks for reading xo

    1. Hello! Midi skirts can be hit or miss. I am average-ish height and can look like I am playing “dress up” if the fit isn’t great. I ordered one so we’ll see soon enough! Thanks for taking time to find and read my blog thru IFB. Xo

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