What a difference a year makes!  This was the full first year of SEE LARK! and as I experimented in delivering different content, you guys helped me determine what were hits and what were misses through your views, link backs, and comments.  
As we close out the year, let’s celebrate by looking back at this year’s top five posts.  Thanks for making 2013 a fabulous year.


5. First Wedding Anniversary – I celebrated my first wedding anniversary in June.  Our fabulous photographer, Mary Kate McKenna, did an excellent job capturing all the special moments throughout the day.  Her work on our wedding also made it to Style Me Pretty.


4. Rule of Three: The Patterned Pump (Part 1) – Buying a pair of ornate shoes may seem impractical but in my Rule of Three series, I show different ways to style it making it a very rational and sound purchase.  Part 1 made the top five, but check out Part 2 for additional ideas.


3. Easy DIY: Graffiti Dress – My love for DIY resulted in a pleasantly pink splattered graffiti dress that served as a perfect alternative to a much sought after (and sold out) Zimmerman dress.  I used the same paint to then create table linens for the holidays.


2. Phillip Lim For Target: The Aftermath – The second most popular post was my recap on the Phillip Lim x Target collaboration.  It was a nice surprise to have this near the top of list as this post actually didn’t talk about the products themselves, but explored how social media impacted the shopping experience and provided the ability to get the goods first!


1. Meet Me In Kyoto – These silk pants received a good amount of attention thanks to the likes of Lucky and Say Yes to Hoboken making it the top post of 2013.  These pants will make a return visit to my wardrobe come Spring!

8 thoughts on “Top Five

  1. I loved your Rule of Three and Graffiti Dress posts; now I’ll be checking out the others, too! Happy new year! x

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