I am such a procrastinator when it comes to getting up in the mornings, especially during the work week.  I try to maximize the time in bed and minimize the time it takes to get ready.  The other day,  I literally cut it down to the wire and had to really focus to get out the door on time.  I managed to get hair, make-up, and dressing all done in literally 15 minutes.  If you find yourself in a similar rush in the A.M. then here are some tips to look fabulous with some time to spare.


Hair.  I am thankful for the creation of dry shampoo.  Ladies, what did we do before this invention?  To keep my hair and scalp from drying out, I shampoo every other day.  On the days that I don’t wash my hair, I use dry shampoo to freshen my up ‘do.  Afterwards, I pull my hair into a low bun for a more professional work look.  I found the J. Crew tutorial on Into The Gloss and The Girl with the Bun’s cute short video as two very useful resources.


Face.  For a workplace environment, the key is to wear enough make-up to highlight features and make them prominent, not overdone.  Depending on my work schedule, I may choose a bold lip but in most instances I keep my makeup neutral and toned down and focus on enhancing facial features.  Create a base using loose powder and apply a light blush to the apple of the cheeks.  To amplify the eyes, apply a brow pencil and eye liner and mascara.  I recently started using a brow pencil and can’t believe how such a subtle thing can add a huge impact, I absolutely love it!  Lastly, I apply a berry-stained lip treatment by Fresh to give some color and SPF coverage to the lips.


Outfit.  When you are in a hurry, you don’t want to fuss with multiple layers and fumble around for jewelry.  Therefore, have dresses on hand that either have a bold jewel tone color or with a structured silhouette.  The color and the shape gives visual interest without having to accessorize and gives you an overall pulled together look (even when you may not feel that way!).  J. Crew, Club Monaco, and Shoshanna are some of my favorites for work and work-to-play dresses.

There you have it, my tips for getting ready in a pinch.  Of course, I am always looking to refine my technique so I would love to know any tips and tricks you may have picked up along the way.  Share your tips with me here or on Facebook.  Here’s to starting off the work week on the right foot!

10 thoughts on “Fabulous in 15 Minutes

  1. Wow! 15 min is impressive! My normal fast time to get ready ( with shower) is 20 min and that is only when I know what to wear. My outfit post help 🙂

    You look amazing in this bright colored dress!

    BB cream

  2. Great tips girl! I salute you that you can get the whole thing done in 15 minutes. But I feel you on trying to maximize my time in bed.. just hate it when that alarm clock beeps so loud in my ear. Well for tomorrow morning I’m gonna try your tips, see if it helps me save time. I’ll let you know!

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