bao bao, baby panda

I thought we could all use a little cuteness in our day so today’s post is all about Bao Bao, the little panda cub currently taking residence at The National Zoo. She has caused quite a stir in Washington, DC and with panda lovers everywhere. Weighing in at a whopping 18 lbs, this little five-month old cub has definitely captured my heart.

At the kind invitation of our family friend, we went to get an early sneak peek of Bao Bao before the crowds hit this past weekend. She was tucked away under a rock sleeping (baby pandas sleep up to 20 hours a day!) so there wasn’t much of a viewing. Fortunately, we saw Mama Mei Xiang nearby chomping on some bamboo while the little one napped. Needless so say, I checked out the Giant Panda Cam frequently over the weekend in hopes of catching little Bao Bao awake. She’s like a cuddly stuffed animal come to life, I can’t get enough of this little fur ball!  Now the question of the day is determining which is cuter, Bao Bao or this baby polar bear taking his first steps?

[Bao Bao exploring her environment]

mei-xiang-1, panda

mei-xiang-2. panda[Mei Xiang having a snack]

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