Even though I am fully stocked with “traditional” silver flatware, I can’t stop thinking about all the sleek black and onyx dinnerware that I have been spotting lately.  With all white plates and dishes, onyx flatware can be a quick way to modernize your tabletop. I found a beautiful set with a matte finish from Dwell Studio at $100 per set.  This seemed a little pricey so I was elated to find a similar design with an enamel finish at West Elm for only $39 per set.  When trying to decide whether you splurge or save, the care instructions are also an important factor.  The Dwell Studio version recommends hand washing whereas West Elm’s is dishwasher safe.  Given that tidbit, I think we all know which set we would choose, don’t we?


10 thoughts on “High Low Onyx Flatware

  1. I bought the west elm onyx silverware and it is NOT dishwasher safe even though it claims to be. My flatware in less than 3 months faded color and had rust spots. West elm let me return it and get a new set but the local manager told me that he had worked in a high end kitchen store previously and they always told their customers to hand wash flatware with fancy or colored finishing bc the dishwasher will ruin them over time again and again. He said to hand wash the new set or I’ll be in the same spot again with having to return it when it fades.

    1. Good to know, thanks for sharing your experience. I have them and have run through the dishwasher but we also don’t use frequently so haven’t encountered that problem yet. We’ll try to handwash going forward!

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