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Why oh why do I visit New York in the winter?  It’s for the frigid air and blustery winds, that’s why…NOT.  In all seriousness, I make it out to New York once or twice a year.  I even lived in Manhattan for a year, but would you believe that I had never visited Brooklyn?   In my most recent trip, hubby and I stayed in Williamsburg, checking out the neighborhood’s sights, sounds, and food (of course). The place really lived up to its “hipster” image, I mean this in a good way and not in an ironic hipster way. It has a vintage meets laid back meets artistic vibe. I’ll have to make a return in warmer climate. In the meantime, here are some highlights from the trip.

brooklyn-2, in god we trust, brooklyn shopping

[Discovered In God We Trust, a store showcasing their in-house apparel and jewelry]

brooklyn-3, in god we trust, brooklyn shopping

[One of their cute designs (also available as a jumpsuitdress, and pants)]


[Food, food, and more food including a do-it-yourself menu at The Meatball Shop]


[Geared up for the cold weather, see original on Instagram]


[The charming Wythe Hotel]


[A look at the Manhattan skyline from afar]

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