I love Tom Binns for his statement necklaces, particularly ones with a mix of sparkle, metal, and pearls. However, it wasn’t until over the holidays that I discovered his hand painted and splatter painted chandelier necklace designs.  Perhaps it’s because I am sick of seeing cloudy cold days, but the colors and overall “chaos” in which they are applied really caught my eye. Seeing that I wasn’t ready to spend $700-$100+ on a necklace, I spent a snowy weekend DIY-ing.


[ Tom Binns Necklaces: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ]


I started with a vintage bib necklace with clear stones purchased from Bauble Bar.  Now some might be already cringing at the suggestion of using a perfectly good necklace for a paint project, but I equate it to using wine in cooking…you need to start out with quality ingredients if you want a quality output. For paint, I choose fabric paint with a lighter consistency so that when it dries, it has a color stained look.  Another option would be to use fabric puff paint to get a more opaque effect.


Once you have your materials, prep your necklace if you choose to keep part of it unpainted.  Using a small paint brush, apply the first color using a splattering method.  Let this dry for an hour, repeat with the second color and let it set overnight.


Once dry, examine the necklace and determine where color needs to be reinforced.  In other words, once dry, the color may not be as vibrant; therefore, touch-up by hand using the same small paint brush.


Ah…bright greens and pinks!  Your eyes and neck will thank you for the change of pace.

22 thoughts on “Easy DIY: Color Splattered Necklace

  1. You are cool, this tutorial is cool, and now I know about Bauble Bar, which is ALSO cool! I never would have thought of this. Well done, Miss!

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