[Den of Thieves / Awesome selection of cocktails and absolutely wonderful music]

I have been living in DC for almost 10 years and it’s amazing to see the city change since my arrival from the Lone Star State. People always say that New York and San Francisco has great food and drink, but I do believe that DC has some serious street cred in this category.
This past weekend, I was on a bit of a cocktail adventure, trying out new bars and cozy speakeasies. I rarely have a late night out but doing so once in awhile does give one an opportunity to expand their palate beyond the traditional vodka cranberry (which I also enjoy).  When in DC, these places will not disappoint in taste or experience..give them a try!

prosecco, red hen dc

[Prosecco while waiting for a table at The Red Hen / Food is exceptional, I am still dreaming about the dinner I had]

boundary-stone-dc, negroni

[Negroni and a Manhattan at The Boundary Stone / Scored some seats at the bar]


[We had to cut-off Cheetah ring by the end of the weekend]

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