I am not a huge pizza fan but a recent trip to DC’s Menomale has made me a convert (at least for an authentic Neopolitan pizza). With a delicious meal comes a delicious surprise. Our pizzas came with our very own pizza cutter in the shape of scissors, a Scizza to be exact. I love the ergonomic design of the handles and the flat bottom spatula. Hallelujah! A way to cleanly cut a slice of pizza! I learned that the Scizza is made by an Australian company called Dreamfarm. Dreamfarm’s story begins by stating “‘We solve problems” and developing products based on its ability to answer one question – “Will this product solve a real problem that hasn’t been solved


This is an ambitious mission, but taking one look at their product line shows their dedication to creating the most clever (and useful) kitchen things. In addition to perfectly cut pizzas, enjoy the simplest pleasure of not resting a dirty spoon on a counter, having the ability to use the same cutting board for meats and vegetables, and finally finding a place to rest that darn lid. Take a look at Dreamfarm’s two minute video showcasing the functionality of their products and see the cleverness in action.

[Second set of images and video via Dreamfarm]

4 thoughts on “The Most Clever Kitchen Utensils

  1. These are such clever utensils that I believe I need to invest in all of them – especially the pizza scissors or should I say “scizza”. I am a new convert to the company – thanks so much for sharing. xo

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