[Image via Ritz Carlton]

Dear 2011 Me, I am quite impressed with your ability to find *the* wedding dress within six weeks of getting engaged even though it took six months to find a venue.   You weren’t familiar with Rivini, but upon your first meeting, it’s like you two were a match made in heaven. After all, she introduced you to the world of statement necklaces, that’s a huge.


Dear 2014 Me, It’s been almost two years since your wedding but admit it, you can’t get the imagery of voluminous wedding gowns out of your mind.  Is it wrong to still want to drown oneself in ivory tulle and organza all day long? Might I also add, to wear jewel encrusted shoes to match? Damn you ‘Say Yes To the Dress’ reruns!


[Carol Hannah Spring ’13 via The Curious Bumblebee]


[Vera Wang Hazel Dress Spring ’12 via Pinterest]


[Jeweled Shoes via The Knot Blog]

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