I purchased about a dozen wine glasses from Ikea for a belated birthday party last year.  They were inexpensive and a nice alternative to disposable cups. Feeling a little crafty and inspired by an episode of The High Low Project on HGTV, I decided to upgrade these glasses with some chalkboard paint and transform them into something eye pleasing and useful for entertaining large groups.


I love using paint in my DIY projects.  It always seems like an easy yet dramatic way to change things up.  I had a can of chalkboard paint leftover from my shoe/looses ends organization project and decided to use it to paint the bottom half of my Ikea wine glasses.


The beauty about this project is that you don’t need to use a brush. Just dip the bottom half of the wine glass into the paint can (make sure you mix the paint well before use) and pull up and let the excess paint drip off. Next, slowly turn the glass upside down and let some of the paint roll onto the stem. Alternate between rolling and turning the wine glass back upright to create even coverage. Continue rolling until you get the desired coverage. The last step is to let the paint dry overnight.


Once finished, enjoy the fruits of your labor with a glass of wine.  You can use chalk to label your glass and keep potential interlopers away from your drink. I advise hand washing these after use (which is my preferred method for stemware). Cheers!

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