[ 1. Birdcage Veil / 2. Table Tents / 3. Statement Necklace / 4. Pennants / 5. Wedding Gown / 6. Ring / 7. Cake Toppers / 8. Photo Props / 9. Customized Stickers ]

Etsy was a great source for me when I was planning my wedding, I think my favorite find was this glitzy statement necklace. It had me wondering, wouldn’t it be great if one sourced *everything* for their wedding through Etsy? I mean, a custom designed gown by Season 5 Project Runway winner, Leanne Marshall? Check. A dainty diamond ring? Check. And what about all the accessories for the reception including cute cake toppers and stickers to seal wedding favors? Oh wedded savings!

14 thoughts on “Eye On Etsy

    1. That is what I told myself when i bought my necklace but kind of forgotten about it (for shame)…thanks for the suggestion as it reminds me to bring a little glitz into the every day life 🙂

  1. Before I even read what you wrote the picks immediately had me reminiscing my wedding! Etsy is where I found my wedding shoes, I wish more brides knew to look to it!

    xx Cara

    1. I need to see your wedding shoes! I once thought I would try to source everything from Etsy but then reality set it 🙂 but I did get a lot of things too and was such a great way to save and get something unique! xo

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