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I used to find shopping for lipstick quite overwhelming. There are too many choices and if I pick a color similar to something I already own, you can guarantee something is going to get tossed aside and forgotten. My strategy in the past has been to use only one color, but what’s the fun in that? Therefore, my revised approach is to pick one or two lipsticks, lip gloss, and/or lip liners from each major color grouping – orange/corals, reds, pinks/plums, and nudes – and mix and match them depending on the occasion. This way I have some variety and abstain from buying a new product until one in my lip arsenal is out. It’s also a great way to mix different textures (e.g., super matte with a sheer color) to get a custom color. Here are a few combinations to try out this week. While you are at it, I’d love to know what are your go-to lip colors?


[YSL Sweet Fig + MAC Naked Proof]


[Maybelline Electric Orange + MAC Boldly Bare Lip Liner]

night out

[NARS Manhunt + MAC Ruby Woo + MAC Brick Lip Liner]

PS – For tips on how to keep a bold lip from flaking, check out my Farewell Feathered Lips post.

13 thoughts on “A Lipstick For Every Occasion

  1. The last time I wore lipstick was when I was 3 haha! Your post makes me consider buying one though.. just to try. I love that nude color, really looks perfect on you!

  2. I used to be afraid of colour, as I was conscious that my generous lips stood out way to much without lippy. But these days I don’t have the same insecurities so I’m all about the red!! That said I like your nude look as well as the night out glamour look you rock so well. X d

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