SEE LARK! | Eat. Shop. Do.

Transitioning into a new job or role can be stressful.  People speak in a language you just don’t understand (hello acronym city). I pride myself as a fast learner but I must admit, it’s been a rough couple of months. I am having a George Constanza “Serenity Now” moment and really need a break from the grind.  Hence this weekend is all about getting away and learning to unplug. That’s a hard thing to do isn’t it?
Unplugging from work or from being accessible 24/7 is difficult when your OCD-self is the one putting on the pressure to be super responsive and proactive. So repeat after me, perfectionism is impossible, say it again…perfectionism is impossible. Did it work? F-it, I am headed to LA.

How do you unplug and unwind from the work week?

16 thoughts on “Eat. Shop. Do.

  1. I’m actually traveling to LA the end of next week for LuckyFabb and looking forward to it. I would love a caribbean vacation but this will do for now. Enjoy your time off.

    1. I wish I could go to lucky FABB. I booked my trip before the conference was set…boo! Have fun there and the weather is so much better than in DC…but of course I am stating the obvious 😉

  2. I so know what you mean.. Feeling the stress and pressure from work can be such a burden (is that how you say it? haha). Have fun in LA babe.. Relax and enjoy!

  3. Serenity Now!!! I love Seinfeld, Georgie is my favourite! (And George’s Mom…Georgie!! haha!!). I’ve secretly shed a few tears in the bathroom stall at a new job…it’s tough not knowing everything, but hang in there, you’ll be an old pro in no time. xx

  4. Relax, and enjoy yourself! I know that it’s really difficult to do sometimes (I have a really hard time decompressing after work). I hope it was great!

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