With the resurrection of mules, overalls, and denim jackets, it’s got me thinking back to the 90s. There was something very carefree about that decade for me. As a sixteen year-old, driving for the first time, the high school boyfriend, life seemed to only live within the confines of summer break.
I say that now, but back then everything was DRAMA in my teenage brain. To help spur more of those memories, I curated a few songs that bring back visions of flannel shirts, proper music videos, and good ol’ 1994.

1. Come As You Are / Nirvana

2. Black Hole Sun / Soundgarden

3. Losing My Religion / REM

4. Plush / Stone Temple Pilots

5. Today / Smashing Pumpkins

PS – Who else debated whether Billy Corgan was singing “pink ribbon skies” versus ‘”pink ribbon scars”? The things we did before the Internet.

8 thoughts on “90s Nostalgia

  1. I love the 90s!!! Especially towards the end when it got way too happy. A 90s themed party would be pretty much the best thing ever. Great song choices! I adore Soundgarden.

    1. I don’t think I have been to a 90s party. 80s yes but haven’t had the experience of a retro 90s party, how do they usually go? Playing a lot of Third Eye Blind music? 😉

  2. Quite frankly the idea of 90s and nostalgia in the same sentence kinda freaks me out! It feels like yesterday! Losing my religion was my jam!

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