SEE LARK! | Non-Thong Sandals

[ 1. J. Crew / 2. Target / 3. Sam Edelman / 4. Loeffler Randall / 5. Joie / 6. Forever 21 / 7. Alexander Wang]

Flip flops used to be my sandal of choice for the warmer months. However, since I was wearing said flops when I had my scooter accident last year in Thailand, I have since avoided wearing any type of “thong” sandal. It’s not a gray cloud but a silver lining since it gives me reason to seek out different sandal styles for  Spring and Summer. The results yield good news since I have discovered a lot of cute non-thong designs for anyone else who may share my aversion.  Granted, these wouldn’t have protected my feet either, but at least the straps go snugly across my feet!


13 thoughts on “Say Yes To Non-Thong Sandals

    1. Hello there! I went to Thailand last summer. We went to Bangkok and Koh Samui – so a little city and a little beach time. It’s a beautiful place, I recommend going if you are looking for an international vacay spot!

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