SEE LARK! | L-Hay!

[Hanging out with OnePoePuppy the cutest and chillest dog I know]

Heading West usually means Northern California for me, but given the harsh winter this year and the need for sunshine and warmth, hubby and I headed to LA.  I am a bit embarrassed to say we didn’t venture very far.  We stayed mainly in Santa Monica and Venice Beach hanging out with good friends. To me, vacation isn’t about seeing all the sights, but spending quality time with those that matter and getting decent shut-eye. With that said, based on the little we did get to see, eat, and experience, I’m sold on the city.  Honey, when do we move?!

SEE LARK! | L-Hey!

[Scenic mural, was the line up with the palm tree intentional?]

SEE LARK! | L-Hey!

[Strolling down Abbot Kinney]

SEE LARK! | L-Hey!

[Drawn to the bright orange background and faint sketch of Lincoln]

SEE LARK! | L-Hey!

[Retro bowling sign]

SEE LARK! | L-Hey!

[Hike up to Griffith]

SEE LARK! | L-Hey!

[Morning coffee and quiet time on the beach – LOVE!]


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