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You’ve waited for the right time and the right occasion.  At some point you are ready for your first investment piece.  After finishing college and starting my first job, the first splurge was a Dolce & Gabanna dress. It was a little LBD with a sexy, yet subtle, lace inset and cost around $350. That is a lot to spend on a dress, especially when you first graduate college. The purchase had a practical component since I had a holiday party to attend, but the decision was more of an emotional one. Slipping on this dress made me feel like a million bucks and though it meant not being able to buy anything else for a while, it was worth the trade-off. Not only was this my first investment piece, but it was my first “grown-up” lesson in shopping. Too many times before that, I would buy something that seemed like a good deal but I didn’t love it and hence money not well spent. To this day, I still have this dress. I don’t wear it often anymore but can’t bring myself to part with it. I’m not normally sentimental but this one has a special place in my fashion heart.

What was your first investment splurge? Why did you decide to buy it?

11 thoughts on “My First

  1. My first investment splurge was actually on a fancy bike. I bought it with my first adult job paycheck after my old one was stolen. Before that I always bought cheap used crappy bikes off of craigslist – thought it was expensive it was definitely worth it! Love this dress – I need to invest in clothes more..I’m working on it lol
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  2. Love reading this – dress looks fab still and you should wear it! Hmmm – I had to think about my first investment piece. It was actually a Betsy Johnson dress that I bought for my law school graduation – it was so colorful and fun. It seemed a momentous occasion. 🙂

  3. Love this. Such a gorgeous dress still! Funny how I am sure every woman remembers her first “investment/splurge” piece. For me it was my Miu Miu Gingham slingbacks I didn’t think twice when I ordered them and haven’t regretted the purchase once to this day!

    xx Cara

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