SEE LARK! | Eye On Etsy

[ 1. Maxi Dress / 2. Pencils / 3. High Waisted Undies / 4. Garden Markers / 5. Coral Bowl / 6. Stationary Set / 7. Bra and Panty Set / 8. White Dress / 9. Wool Vest ]

Black and white has been prominent this season so it seemed appropriate that this month’s Etsy picks pay homage to it. I am in love with this universally flattering black maxi dress and stocking up on pretty stationary.
But what has me really excited is discovering new designers each month. Case in point, I found two new favorites who make pretty little underthings. I hadn’t really thought about handmade lingerie but I can get used to the idea!

6 thoughts on “Eye On Etsy

  1. I really enjoy how Etsy has become a hotbed of talented people taking ownership and creating stores for themselves, in this wonderfully artistic online community. I never even thought about buying clothes on here, but that first maxi dress is really changing my mind. How often do you peruse Etsy? I usually only go when I’m looking for specific crafty gifts, but your posts always make me think that I’m missing out by only visiting on rare occasions.

    1. I search Etsy like there is no tomorrow! It started in 2009 between Xmas and New Years and discovered lots of goodies. I now look when I am searching for something like home decor, furniture, or clothing. My wedding a couple of years ago opened up my eyes to even more … The options are endless!

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