SEE LARK! | Geology 101

Gemstones, geodes, druzy stones, and agates…everywhere I look, sparkly rocks are very much on trend in jewelry. Don’t know the difference among all these terms? Here’s a quick cheat sheet so you’ll be in the know on your next shopping trip.

SEE LARK! | Geology 101

[Truly Blessed Jewels Druzy Ring]

SEE LARK! | Geology 101

[Enlightened Goddess Agate Necklace]

SEE LARK! | Geology 101

[Heather Hawkins Geode Earrings]

SEE LARK! | Geology 101

[Earrings from Barney’s (old) / Glam Rocks Pyrite Ring]

16 thoughts on “Geology 101

  1. Love all your pieces and I spy Enlightened Goddess, LOVE her line! You should check out James Michelle too, her pieces are just as amazing. Now, onto equally as important things, what is that lippy?!?

    xx Cara

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