SEE LARK! | Jump | New Balance + Zara

I have told myself over and over again that I should wear sneakers more often. After hours in heels, sometimes my feet are just begging for something more comfortable. Remember my sneaker challenge last summer after my broken foot?
Now that I am healed and sneakers aren’t necessary, finding kicks that have the right style and proportions still proves difficult. Well, I finally found my match in a pair of New Balance. I should have known, Newbies got me through my long distance running days so why wouldn’t it be the right shoe for everyday wear? Now that I have these bad boys on my feet and wearing pastel colors to celebrate Spring, I just can’t help but jump for joy!

SEE LARK! | Jump | New Balance

SEE LARK! | Jump | Zara

 SEE LARK! | Jump | New Balance + Zara


The Goods: Old Navy Top / Siwy Jeans (similar here) / Zara Leather Jacket / New Balance Shoes / Super Sunglasses (and another version here and low cost version here) / Glam Rocks Ring

11 thoughts on “Jump!

  1. You are too cute! Nice job on the pastels – they look wonderful together. My sneakers always tend to be neon or super white, just because the brands that fit my feet best make them in that. These definitely look sporty but posh!

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