SEE LARK! | Crushing The Ear Cuff

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First there was the statement necklace, then the statement ring, and now I find myself obsessed with the statement earring. Ear cuffs have been en vogue for some time, but recently it seems to be getting the spotlight more often in fashion mags and street style.  As a result, I am feeling really inspired to give it a try.  With such a wide variety of styles and price points out, I have rounded up my top 11 favorites from the budget friendly to the major splurges (we can at least dream about these big ticket items can’t we?) and some guidelines for finding one just right for you.

SEE LARK! | Crushing The Ear Cuff

[ 1. Jules Smith / 2. Nasty Gal / 3. Luv Aj / 4. Bauble Bar / 5. Dannijo / 6. Elizabeth Cole / 7. Auden / 8. Shay Accessories / 9. Ryan Storer / 10. Anita Ko / 11. Kismet by Milka ]

1. FIT. Like the rest of our body parts, ears come in all shapes and sizes. When picking out style, keep in mind proportions. If you have small ears, you may not want something that complexly covers the ear.

2. COMFORT. Now some may forego comfort for fashion but when it comes to ear cartilage, I find it hard to ignore pain. Some earrings attach as a clip-on, use a small cuff, or a combination of ways. Try on a pair and know your limits before making a purchase.

3. FUNCTION. When perusing through all the different styles, your eyes may immediately go to the majorly blinged ones. However, think about the occasions in which you would like to wear this trend and select something that will give you that opportunity. For example, I looked for something that allow me to wear during the day or a night out giving it more airtime.

Which one suits your style?

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