SEE LARK! | The Evolution of Beck

I have been a huge fan of Beck ever since I heard Loser over the radio. It was a defining moment for me in high school and one of the first songs that led me to the “alternative” and grunge rock genre, leaving behind my love of pop music (which in case you were worried, made a fierce return during college).  Musicians can come and go, but for 20 years, Beck continues to evolve his sound and music, evoking a wide range of emotion in all those who listen. From, Midnite Vulture’s tongue-cheek Debra to the sadness of the entire Sea Change album that you can’t help but listen to over and over again, Beck’s beat is correct.

1. Loser / Mellow Gold, 1994

2. Where It’s At / Odelay, 1996

3. Tropicalia / Mutations, 1998

4. Lost Cause / Sea Change, 2002

5. Hell Yes / Guero, 2005

6. Think I’m In Love / The Information, 2006

7. Chemtrails / Modern Guilt, 2008 8. Blue Moon / Morning Phase, 2014

PS – Beck is now on tour and has added some new dates. Check him out this summer if you can!


[Image via Tory Burch Blog]

4 thoughts on “The Evolution of Beck

  1. Joe and I were actually just talking about Beck the other day, and how much we enjoyed him. Apparently, when he was first starting out, he was told by another folk musician that ‘he should stick to his day job and not get his hopes up’. Ha! It’s funny how things work out.

    1. I did not know that. How funny. My hubby and I were talking about Beck and Sea Change is what really got him street cred. Ps – talk about coincidence,,,I had this post ready to go and then saw a bunch of new tour dates announced…FATE! Thanks for reading Xo

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