SEE LARK! | The Unapologetic Splurge List

Often times wish lists are compiled of items that we would like to purchase or would like for others to buy for us on special occasions. I thought I would do a play on the wish list and curate items that are breathtaking and unequivocally extravagant. Now, I am not advocating we break the bank. The intent to allow oneself to dream and to not let the price tag constrain the imagination, hence the Unapologetic Splurge List. These picks really speak to my love for simple and clean design dress silhouettes, a nod to navy, and highlights the benefits of neutral accessories. The total tallies close to $12,700 so enjoy it for what it is and let the dreaming begin.  Is it a coincidence that theoretically these pieces all could work and be interchanged with each other? A subconscious message to myself perhaps? <gulp>

1. Jennifer Fisher Cigar Band Ring – $3,500

2. Miu Miu Glitter Pumps – $650

3.  3.1 Philip Lim Feather Shift Dress – $1,050

4. Coach Leather Jacket – $1,598

5. Club Monaco Collection Leather Dress – $995

6. Chanel Shoulder Bag – $4,450

7. IRO D’Orsay Pump – $715


13 thoughts on “The Unapologetic Splurge List

  1. All items absolutely to die for … we should all have them on our wishful splurge list of lux desires … ahhhh … nice dreaming with you. Have a fabulous week, doll!

    XOXO N & N

  2. Those sparkly pumps are TO DIE FOR. And I can definitely picture the feather shift on you and looking stunning. It’s fun to dream. Hey, maybe one day you’ll win the lottery, right….?

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