I am counting down the days until Memorial Day. Well, if I were to be completely honest, I am counting down the days until July 9th. Why the 9th and not the 4th? Because that is when the big meeting I have been working towards since, oh I don’t know, January, will finally be over. I feel like I have been complaining a lot about work these days, sorry about that guys!  This now not-so-new job has been a real peach and a test of my will to not let “the powers that be” get to me. Like that dreaded Chumbawamba song, I get knocked down, I get up again…yeah, yeah, you know how it goes.  Go get your weekend on.

  • EAT. The month of May means BBQ. Spark up the grill or go crash someone else’s backyard party. If you choose the crashing option, bring some Mango Habanero sauce as a peace offering.
  • SHOP. Piperlime is offering 20% off sitewide now through May 27th, stock up on summer staples…stat!
  • DO. Visit a body of water, be it a harbor, lake, ocean, or swimming pool.  Water is very calming, so kick off your shoes, dip your toe in and (Frankie says) relax!

[Like the dress? See the original post here]

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