June means the start of wedding season and it’s a great reason to stock up on party dresses. A summer wedding means an opportunity to wear bright colors and to bring out your bold and festive side. I have been eyeing this silk cocktail dress by Kate Spade in all its glory and voluminous skirt. It comes in a few colors, but the pink version is my favorite (naturally). $400 is a little steep so if you are the type that prefer to own many pieces instead of one investment piece, then try this Pim + Larkin style priced at $130 which has the exact same silhouette.  It doesn’t come in pink but the bold black and white stripe is very mod and youthful, totally appropriate for an afternoon wedding and the after party!

13 thoughts on “High Low Party Dress

  1. Hey love!

    I was also lusting after this Kate Spade number for some time, it really does make a statement. That said I love the bold stripes of the other dress and for me it is the clear winner in style and price!

    x Diana

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