SEE LARK! | St. Vincent's Weirdness Is Beautiful

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Ever since St. Vincent’s new album, self titled St. Vincent, came out, I have not been able to get her tunes out of my head. It’s okay…I actually want them there. I am strangely intrigued by Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent. Her voice is pitch perfect kind she’s kind of bad a#$ on the electric guitar. But what I love most about St. Vincent is her avant garde approach to music.

SEE LARK! | St. Vincent's Weirdness Is Beautiful

[Image via NPR]

With porcelain skin and killer bone structure, you’d think her physical beauty and voice would be enough. However, her signature is her discordant sounds and abnormal/weird expression of those songs in videos and live performances and that is what makes her interesting.

Take a look at her video for the song Cheerleader. As a large mannequin/art installation being pulled up by ropes, she sings with an expressionless face.  It’s slightly disturbing, but I kind of love it too!

Her recent live performance of Digital Witness on SNL was a huge success in the eyes of fans and probably confused everyone else given her odd repetitive movements and abrupt and frozen ending.  Regardless, I thought the choreography seemed appropriate for the mood of the song and its jab on modern day voyeurism. It makes me wonder, if I don’t Instagram my brunch, is it worth eating?

SEE LARK! | St. Vincent's Weirdness Is Beautiful

[Image via Pitchfork]

It doesn’t hurt that she grew up in Dallas, though I assure you the Texan part isn’t what is making me partial to her music.  If you haven’t already give St. Vincent a try…soon those tunes will be dancing around in your head too!

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