SEE LARK! | Eat. Shop. Do.

Happy Friday the 13th folks! Don’t let superstitions get the best of you.  Pet that black cat crossing your way and walk under a ladder, it’ll bring good luck for the weekend!

  • EAT. National Donut Day was last week but I have been on a baking kick lately and will put my mini donut baking pan to good use.  I’ll try my skillz with this baked donut recipe.
  • SHOP.  My mind is already in vacation mode and even though I have plenty of luggage and packing accessories to keep me organized during travel, I am intrigued by this Max Mirani mobile closet carry-on luggage.  A completely functional and absolutely extravagant purchase!

6 thoughts on “Eat. Shop. Do.

  1. Ok, so that image took a second to load and when it did the cat scared the bajeezies out of me… after second look he is quite adorable obviously! The Mr is currently yelling at the game right now!

    xx Cara

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