SEE LARK! | The Filtered Life

Summer is here…I repeat, summer is here! Even though work is still really hectic, prolonged daylight and warm weather makes it hard to be grumpy and sulky.  Here’s a summary of what has me excited as told through Instagram.

  1. These J. Crew jeweled sandals (sold out but similar here) will be worn all summer long, guaranteed
  2. Wishing I could live in this pink house that I discovered during a beach weekend trip
  3. Excited about the bright neon colors in this Anthropologie necklace
  4. Suffering from a major sweet tooth lately and this past weekend’s baked mini-donut attempt was a success
  5. Peonies are in season (at least for a little while longer), very excited to decorate with them while I can (case in point photo #8)
  6. Enjoying the weekend and scenery at a local winery
  7. Maintaining sandal ready feet with a pedicure and this coral orange color, Jaffa by Butter London
  8. Peonies!
  9. Delicious flight of gelato by Dolcezza

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