SEE LARK! | Eye On Etsy

Sleek and modern are the qualities I look for in almost anything – fashion, home decor, jewelry…you name it! Therefore, I am love with this month’s Etsy picks since it epitomizes my two favorite adjectives.  Though some items are a splurge, one can always admire their beautiful and unique designs.

1. Draped Dress ($95)

2. Bootie Sandals ($259)

3. Statement Necklace ($78)

4. Lariat Necklace ($148)

5.  Modern Side Table ($795)

6. Neoprene Swimsuit ($170)

7. Leather Sandals ($96)

8. Concrete Decor Diamond ($28)

9. Leopard Print Clutch ($79)

8 thoughts on “Eye On Etsy

    1. Oh wow, I didn’t know you had Etsy shoes for your wedding…that is so cool. As I probably mentioned before I had toyed with the idea of getting my wedding dress from there but couldn’t resist trying on a bunch of dresses at bridal boutiques 🙂 xo-Elaine

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