SEE LARK! | Wait-Worthy Fashion

People say patience is a virtue, but I have always found it hard to put it into practice. This is especially true when it comes news of fashion collaborations or upcoming collections. Getting a preview and then seeing the release date always seems like such a long wait.  In addition to the much anticipated Alexander Wang for H&M announcement, here are three more collections/collaboration pieces that will have you drooling.  Perhaps instead of thinking about virtue, we should be chanting “good things comes to those who wait” to get us through the next couple of months.

SEE LARK! | Wait-Worthy Fashion

Bauble Bar. Bauble Bar is always coming out with new designs so it’s always a treat to check out the site to see what is new. I fell in love with this geode necklace which at only $44, makes quite the statement. It’s available now for pre-sale and will ship by the end of July (PS – see my quick guide on geodes on other gems here). While you are waiting for those two weeks, check out their collaboration with FRENDS headphones which is available now…a great way to bling out while you rock out to your favorite tunes.

SEE LARK! | Wait-Worthy Fashion

Roland Mouret x Banana Republic. I about fell out of my chair when I heard the news of Roland Mouret’s planned collaboration with Banana Republic.  His form-fitting and figure-enhancing silhouettes can now reach the masses with a price point no higher than $165 and available in August.

SEE LARK! | Wait-Worthy Fashion


Tory Burch x Fit Bit. I have not fallen for the fitness tracking trend…yet. I love the idea of knowing how many steps you log and so forth but can’t imagine wearing an athletic band all day long. Isn’t there a more stylish way to keep fit? Well, it seems that Tory Burch has answered the calling with accessories that can be used make these gadgets more fashion-friendly.  The last mention of a release date stated Spring 2014 but so far no launch.  However, you can sign up on Tory Burch’s website to get updates.  Cross your fingers that it’ll come soon!

2 thoughts on “Wait-Worthy Fashion

    1. I am pretty excited about the Alexander Wang collab, only b/c it’s closer to my due date and I can see possibly fitting in normal clothes by then! I will have to score some RM/BR dresses for safe keeping 🙂

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