SEE LARK! | Vieques Part 2

Monday’s post talked about the sights and activities in Vieques so Part 2 of the vacation recap focuses on the comfort and style of The W Vieques Retreat. The island is small and a little over 9,000 in population size so you can imagine there aren’t a lot of hotel choices available.  The W has a knack of finding the most remote locations and inserting luxury, so it’s tempting to just stay on property the entire visit (Hello gym, spa, tennis court, lava stone pool and daily smoothies!).

SEE LARK! | Vieques Part 2

SEE LARK! | Vieques Part 2

What I love about staying at The W properties is their attention to interior design. It’s always suits the location but with a modern touch. I get such great inspiration for decorating my own home.  Colorful outdoor seating and lighting, minimalist vegetation, and large scale art give me ideas for future decor projects.

SEE LARK! |Vieques Part 2

When not admiring decor, there was plenty gorgeous views to enjoy in its place. With so many beautiful outdoor seating options, it’s easy to sit down, grab a meal, and take in the ocean and sunset.  We stayed a total of five nights which I think is just the right amount of time…after that you run out of things to try on the menu!

SEE LARK! | Vieques Part 2

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