SEE LARK! | Lou & Grey

[“Denim” Jacket]

Comfortable fashion has been a major trend with the likes of Lululemon, Athleta, and other athletic brands creating designs that take you from the gym to street. We have also seen the trajectory from the other end where high-end labels and main stream retailers like Zara and J. Crew get in on the action with public-appropriate sweatpants. Now comes Lou & Grey, LOFT’s lounge collection of easy, comfortable, and versatile pieces.  Ann Taylor and LOFT haven’t been my traditional go-to stores, but Lou & Grey’s modern and minimalist design and price point can easily make me a loyal follower! Here are some of my favorite pieces from their collection.

SEE LARK! | Lou & Grey

[Blouson Tank Dress]

SEE LARK! | Lou &Grey

[Cabana Stripe Dress]

SEE LARK! | Lou & Grey

Facile Tee and Linen Drawstring Pants]

SEE LARK! | Lou & Grey

[Drawstring Shorts]

SEE LARK! | Lou & Grey

[Microstripe Linen Dress]

SEE LARK! | Lou & Grey

[Knit Moto Jacket and Cut-Out Romper]

SEE LARK! | Lou & Grey

[Zip Pocket Pant]

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