Last week I wrote a post called Inspiration vs. Imitation which explored the boundaries of borrowing from designs and straight up copying.  I am excited to say that this post made it to the latest IFB Links à la Mode, which represents the top 20 read-worthy fashion/personal style posts of the week.  I wrote it back in January and just sat on it for about eight months.  Part of the hesitation was due to the concern that I may offend someone putting such a topic out there and part of me thought I wouldn’t do the topic much justics.  After much hemming and hawing, I went for it!  The lessons learned here is to share what interests you and that it’s okay to not be an expert on the topic of interest.  Do your research and present the facts in hopes to educate yourself and others.  I hope you have a chance to read it and the 19 other wonderful articles on the list.



To Trend or Not To Trend

Just a few years ago, fashion editors were complaining about “peacocking” and the ridiculousness of street style. It seems like the pendulum is beginning to swing the other way, because now, it’s all about the basics. Whether it’s denim, a crisp suit, or just keeping a fresh face, it’s never been so hot to not be too trendy. The non-trend-trend, or something.

Links à la Mode: August 7th

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