SEE LARK! | Eat. Shop. Do.

The weather has been eerily pleasant for the month of August (I hope I haven’t jinxed us all) and it has really added to an extra jolt of pleasantness to my mood. Therefore, no matter what comes my way, my mantra has been “It’s okay”…perhaps it’s a new derivation of  “Don’t worry, be happy”? Ah, fuggedaboutit!

  • DO.  I am excited to see Arcade Fire this weekend. The event requests formal or costume attire…hmmm decisions, decisions.  Regardless, Reflektor is their best album yet, they have a few more cities left on their tour, check them out if you can!


[It’s OK banner by Secret Holiday]

4 thoughts on “Eat. Shop. Do.

  1. Annnnnd I’m officially going to make this detox salad. I’m glad the weather has been great for you guys – up here in Ontario, we just got hit with cold weather and lots and lots of rain. Ugh. We just can’t catch a break!

    1. Cold summer can’t be a good sign for what winter will bring! The salad definitely looks delish, I go thru phases of wanting salad and then wanting something very bad for me that has melted cheese and buttery carbs 😜 thankfully the pendulum has swing a little more to the healthy side lately! xo

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