SEE LARK! | Eat. Shop. Do.

I am head over heels that it’s Friday and for no particular reason either. I guess it’s just the feeling of the upcoming weekend, the ability to shut out work for a couple of days, and sleeping in (while I still can) are reasons enough.  Hope you get the chance to slow down and enjoy time with your loved ones.  Happy weekend!

  • EAT.  David Chang is bringing sexy Momofuku back to DC. Proving that DC has some great eats to compete with the best. As a bonus, Milk Bar will also be opening…delish!
  • DO.  My feet are a little less cooperative with heels these days, well it’s more like my calves, so reading this article on how to style sneakers are giving me some great ideas to stay comfy and stylish.

2 thoughts on “Eat. Shop. Do.

  1. I feel like this week just dragged!! We’ll be on vacay next week but I’m not sure if Disney will really be a vacay for us. 🙂 Converses all the way!!

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