SEE LARK! | High Low Tough Girl Pieces

Now that we are officially in September, I can’t help but look and search for all things leather. A white leather jacket and an upgrade in the basic leather pumps are a good start.  
With so many options out there, it can be hard to decide where to invest and where to save.  If you love high quality leather pieces, then a Burberry Brit moto jacket and Vince d’orsay pumps are worthy of consideration.  However, if you are all about quantity over quality, then the River Island perforated white leather panel jacket and Banana Republic suede pumps (which if you wait for a sale can be purchased at an even lower price) are equally stylish.  Top these bad boys off with a pair of dainty chain earrings by Catbird or Gorjana for the ultimate tough girl look.

7 thoughts on “High Low Tough Girl Pieces

  1. I made myself a promise that I only invest in designer bags and shoes. As for jackets, tees, shirt, pants etc. I just go for fast fashion. Mainly because I can sooo unpredictable when it comes to liking my clothing. I can love it one day, and dislike it the next.

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